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Treatment Prices:

Office Visit Price:   $40

Treatments Include: Adjustment, ice/heat, E-stim,  soft tissue massage to area prior to adjustment. 

Prevention and Wellness Plans available.

*Advanced Practice Certified
Treatment of Stress, Chronic Pain, and Tension.
Massage Therapy Available.

Our Mission is to provide the best Chiropractic service at an affordable price.

 Ask for the Internet Special:  $18 First Chiropractic Treatment. 

A Spinal Health and Movement Center is an organization of independent health care professionals practicing in collaboration, and in one center which includes Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Massage Therapy, and Gyrotonics Personal Training. 

 A Spinal Health and Movement Center: was founded in 1996 by Dr. Ramirez and offers quality Chiropractic care for both acute and chronic musculoskeletal pain, injury, and relief from degenerative disc disease.

Our New Mexico Chiro  location offers relief in a caring and relaxing environment, and we care most about reducing the effects of chronic degenerative disease and environmental stress.

A Spinal Health and Movement Center is locally owned and operated right here in the Nob Hill Area of Albuquerque NM. We are centrally located to serve the Nob Hill AreaUniversity of New MexicoKirkland AFBDowntown and Old Town.

A Spinal Health and Movement Center is a 2,400 sq.ft. Spa like space for Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Massage that is filled with relaxing music to reduce your pain, tension and stress, and a separate independently owned 1550 sq.ft. Gyrotonic Personal Training Studio for stretching, strengthening and rehabilitation. 

Dr. Ramirez, our Albuquerque Chiropractor  utilizes modalities such as interferential muscle stimulation to reduce spasm and relax muscles, teraquant laser to reduce joint and disc inflammation, and massage tables and chairs for reduction of tension of muscles and joints. 

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Albuquerque New Mexico Chiropractors

We utilize a variety of modalities, techniques and soft tissue methods to prepare the body prior to adjustments.

We will also refer out for x-rays and/or MRI in cases when needed, advanced degenerative conditions, possible disc herniation, or lesions as indicated by examination, however:

We are NOT an Urgent Care Center.  Please go to ER or call 911 for emergency care.

Dr. Ruben Ramirez Jr. BS, DC, APC (Bachelor of Science in Anatomy; Doctor of Chiropractic; Advanced Practice Certified) has been in Chiropractic Practice in Albuquerque since 1996.  and is a graduate of Parker University is Advanced Practice Certified.  
Nob Hill  Area Chiropractic Location
Chiropractic Office Hours: 

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    Massage Therapy 
Fri. and Sat. appt. available. 


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